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Our handsewn 4-in-1 multi-use cover measures 27"x29" and is constructed of a soft, slightly stretchy, breathable stretchy Jersey Polyester fabric. It is designed on Guam and manufactured in the United States using the latest dye sublimation technology for the most high-quality, vibrant colors. This multi-Functional product provides 360-degree coverage and serves as a nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf.


Our Maga' Låhi design is a tribute to strong, fierce CHamoru men. It features the slingstone, Chief Quipuha images and a proa highlighted by a black and gray version of the Guam Seal.


Please note: Production time for this item is 6-11 days.


Personalized Maga' Låhi Multi-use Cover

Excluding Tax
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash in warm water, tumble dry low with no bleach additives.

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