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One of our signature blankets, the Guåhan design features original paintings by the very talented local artist Veroni Sablan. We collaborated with her and she helped bring our vision to life! We commissioned her artwork on so many things that encapsulated the spirit of Guam to us: Santa Marian Kamalen, the Puti Tai Nobuio, Flame Tree and Guåsali flowers (which is only found in the Micronesia region), the Koku bird, her interpretation of Sirena, the Chocolate House, the Guam Seal and Guam Flag, a Sinåhi and Spondylus necklace, the map of Guam, Latte Stones, a proa and the Spanish Arches, all in an attempt to literally cuddle up and surround yourself with the beauty of everything that is Guam. 🇬🇺 


This premium blanket measures roughly 28" x 40" and is made with our Guåhan design printed onto luxurious minky fabric with dot minky fabric on the backside. 


Proudly designed in the beautiful island of Guam. 

Premium Guåhan Minky Blanket

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