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Meet our Mila Nichol, my Granddaughter + the inspiration behind our company, For Mila with Love.​
While preparing for the arrival of our first grandchild, I like many other excited grandparents, parents and relatives, began searching for cute, locally-themed baby items. What I found was a limited supply of Chamorro + Guam inspired, culturally-themed items. It was then that I began dreaming up baby items that would highlight Guam's unique culture, language and history.  Since I began this journey, I have expanded our product line to include other items such as bags and t-shirts, all created with the intent to perpetuate the love we have for our island, our culture and our language. What began as a hobby after some sewing classes, has turned into a passion for creating personalized, high-quality, modern, aesthetically-pleasing items.

It is so important to me to do my part to preserve and pass on our Chamorro heritage, customs and language to my granddaughter. I am inviting you along, whether you live on Guam or live somewhere else but call Guam home, and offering you the opportunity to do the same for you + your nenis.

Click the link to see our shop featured in the Guam Daily Post:
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