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Designed, patterned, cut + sewn on Guam, or a US based manufacturing company (depending on the size of the blanket), our blankets feature high-quality, durable, long-lasting fabrics that wash well and have become favorite blankies for so many of our little customers. With our customizable options to change colors, fonts, and elements, our personalized blankets are sure to be the perfect gift for your loved ones of any age.



Before purchasing any blankets from us, please note the turn-around-time for each type of blanket.

                              Our MINKY BLANKETS are made of a super soft variety of fleece fabric that is very

                              luxurious with cloud-like softness. It is produced from 100% polyester fiber and is

                              used for baby products because of its soft feel which is warm yet lightweight.




Neni | 29”x39” $55

Dikiki | 40"x60” $60

Turn-around-time for these products is 2-4 weeks.

Square | Deluxe with Minky dot fabric on back side 36”x36” $75

This custom fabric takes 5-7 days for printing from the date of order + 7-10 days for USPS shipping. Rush orders are available from the manufacturer or an additional fee. Once the fabric arrives, sewing time usually takes 1-3 days before item is ready for pickup/shipping to customer. Total turn-around-time is 2-4 weeks.

Mediånu| 50”x60” $70

Dångkolo| 60”x80” $80

Mediånu Double Sided | 50”x60” $90

Dångkolo Double Sided | 60”x80” $100

Turn-around-time for these products is 2-4 weeks.



                             Our SHERPA FLEECE Blanket ensures you get warmth and comfort with this           

                             magnificent luxury and fluffy softness which features a backside that replicates the

                             texture and feel of a real sheep’s fleece. Available in three different sizes, our

                             blanket is printed on the front only, and is made out of 100% polyester. Choose the

                             perfect size for snuggle and curl up on your chair or couch. Far surpass your

                             expectations with this tremendous super soft and ultra plush faux Sherpa fleece

                             blanket. 100% superior microfiber polyester helps save your time with quick-drying

                             and wrinkle-resistant features. 



Dikiki  30”x40” $55

Mediånu | 50”x60” $75

Dångkolo | 60”x80” $85

Turn-around-time for these products is 2-4 weeks.

                              If you’re looking for something with a lot of stretch, our JERSEY SWADDLE blankets                                will be perfect for your newborn babies! Our swaddles are a super stretchy knit                                    that gives you maximum coverage and a little more structure, so it will usually stay

                              in place or keep your little one in the proper swaddle position. 

                              JERSEY SWADDLE BLANKETS:

                              Jersey Swaddle| 28"x38" $50

                              Jersey Swaddle| 38”x55” $60

                                           Turn-around-time for these products is 2-4 weeks.

We do our best to ensure that you receive your orders within the timeline that we provide. We do not have any control of the shipping entities that are used. If your order is running behind schedule, we will do our best to reach out to our manufactures to track it down, however, refunds will not be issued for items that were shipped within our estimated time line.

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